BBC mutiny intensifies as stars rally behind Gary Lineker – DW – 03/11/2023

The BBC was under pressure on Saturday to reinstate its highest-paid presenter, Gary Lineker, who was suspended for criticizing the country’s new immigration policy. The decision by Britain’s main public broadcaster caused a mutiny among many of Lineker’s colleagues who refused to appear on TV and radio sports programmes, forcing the shows to be canceled … Read more

The Bears doubled down on their investment in Justin Fields in a deal with the Panthers for the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft

It’s never easy to know whether to take head coaches and general managers at their word, especially after a disappointing season. And if they have the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, well, all bets are off. It turns out that in the weeks since the Chicago Bears’ last season ended, and head coach … Read more

Emma Raducanu – Saturday, March 11, 2023

E. RADUCAN/M. Linette 7-6, 6-2 PRESIDENT: Well done. What was your overall impression of today’s game? EMMA RADUCAN: Thank you. Magda is obviously a great opponent. I think she played at a very high level today. She had a great start to the season, like reaching the semi-finals of the Australian Open. I mean, to … Read more

7 common symptoms of stomach flu Experts say you need to know

“Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commissions or revenue on certain articles through these links.” Also known as the stomach flu or bug, norovirus often causes painful gastrointestinal symptoms and fever, aches and headaches within days of exposure. Symptoms can last up to 72 hours after they start, but this timeline can vary and depends … Read more

Married couple shot and killed in Seattle home by online stalker, police say

A woman and her husband were shot and killed in their Redmond, Wash., home by an online stalker who authorities were trying to serve with an order of protection, police said. after breaking in through a bedroom window, according to the Redmond Police Department. The woman’s mother was in the home during the shooting but … Read more

A wonder “Antidepressant” without addiction with less side effects

St. John’s wort begins to bloom around St. John’s Day on June 24. Saint John the Baptist birthday, until August – hence its name. There is a myth that St. John’s wort grew in the place of John the Baptist’s beheading. It is believed that the healing and protective properties of the plant were so … Read more

Weekend Snow Update: Twin Cities snowfall of the season now in top 10 snowiest

Yes, this has been a very snowy winter. The official snowfall totals for the 2022-2023 season in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport had 78 inches through Friday. Our snow on Saturday easily puts this snow season in the top ten snowiest on Twin Cities weather records: Twin Cities highest season snowfall totals Minnesota State Office of … Read more