“Facts about the human body that will 100% freak you out”: 28 obscure but terrifying facts about us revealed by this TikToker

The human body is a fascinating thing. But despite the fact that we live in this complex bag of flesh for our entire lives, many of us know very little. And while there are many fun facts to learn about our bodies, how that information travels to our brain 268 miles per hourThere are also many facts about ourselves that we may not really know.

But if you’re in the mood to be bothered, you’re in luck. Because below, we have gathered a list of some of the most disturbing facts about the human body that a TikToker he enlightened his followers with. Enjoy learning something new about these bodies that car, and be sure to rate all the disturbing facts that you can’t believe are true (or the ones that you desire were not true).

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Every child’s jaw is packed with teeth that sounds normal until you realize that this is what it looks like.

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That weird feeling you get on a roller coaster is actually your internal organs moving slightly around you, especially those that aren’t secured by ligaments like the intestines.

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If you rub the soles of your feet with garlic, you will start to taste 30 minutes later, there is a compound in the garlic that penetrates the cell membrane, travels in the blood, and reaches your palate. Meaning you can taste the garlic with your feet.

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The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades so your stomach is in a constant battle not to digest it. Just be kept in check by the mucus.

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Since you shed about 40,000 skin cells a day, the dust you see in your home was actually part of you. Which means that every time you breathe in someone else’s house, you could be inhaling 1000s of someone else’s skin flakes.

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Men can actually produce milk, it’s more common than you think most men are too ashamed to admit. And it can be activated by hunger. The concentration camp survivors were fed after being starved for weeks and for some reason, they started to eat.

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Because we evolved to walk on two feet, the pelvis and the birth canal of women are narrower meaning that they have to suffer one of the most painful births on the planet, which is why in 1780 chainsaws were used to saw a part of the pelvic bone. to make childbirth easier.

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The brain has no pain receptors, which means it is possible for people to stay awake and talk to doctors while they are performing brain surgery on them.

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If you decapitate someone, the disembodied head will be conscious for 15 to 20 seconds, long enough for them to realize what you did to them.

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If the woman’s ligaments stretch and her muscles are not strong enough, her uterus can fall directly from her. Kegels are your friend.

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One of the first things a surgeon does before surgery is to clean the navel because there can be 67 types of bacteria.

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Your immune system doesn’t always recognize the eye as part of the body, so there are many diseases where the immune system attacks and tries to destroy the eye which could blind you in the process.

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When you breathe, most of the air goes in one nostril and out the other and they change roles every two hours. And you’re checking now, right?

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If someone sneezes in your face, they’re throwing germs at you at 100 miles per hour. The coughing isn’t that bad because I’m only doing about 60 miles per hour.

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Your brain lies to you all the time. if you turn your head too quickly, your brain can’t process everything. Then he will take what little information he was able to capture and fill in the missing gaps. There is another way your brain lies to you. If you cover one, the reason you don’t see a big black void in your vision is that the brain basically makes up and fills in the missing parts based on the environment.

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You can exchange as many as 80 million bacteria in a 10-second kiss, and if you kiss your partner several times a day, you develop similar colonies of oral bacteria.

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You are not really you, you are just a brain controlling the body. The things you do is decided by a three-pound wrinkled mess of tissue.

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Placentophagy is the practice of a woman eating the placenta that comes out after birth. And apparently, he has two options. You could cook it or eat it fresh outside. A Canadian study stated that 24% of the women interviewed ate the placenta.

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Most people think the brain feels like wet clay, but the human brain actually feels like melted butter. Without special chemicals it would not even be able to harvest

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