Hunky fitness trainer demonstrates that exercises lead to more intense orgasms

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Needing to go to the gym regularly for fear of losing results is a buzzkill in the middle of gay jokes – or on days when your body feels reluctant to leave the house. People can brag about loving the gym all they want, but there will always be moments when you delay work for a couple of hours until vanity wins over laziness. (We prefer to sin in more naked ways.)

But, apart from getting a fit body and long-term health benefits, proper training leads to better sex. Here I am Googled scientific facts that will prove this. Stamina, endurance, fitness, and confidence are not only qualities that sound like you describe a talented lover, but also traits that you train. Although the why matters less than the how, we asked DTF Body trainer Dan Welden to demonstrate exercises that maximize your abilities in bed and pleasure. After all, the best kind of cardio happens in the bedroom. And if you’re not into muscle, you can enjoy viagra seeing a shirtless Welden in tight shorts, a variety of positions., and he who speaks ill of your physical form.

Glutes and Quads

Women can take on the world with the right pair of heels, but gay men just need speedos and poppers to get the job done. Squatting will help you enjoy more of both, but Welden says that the tops shouldn’t just brush off squatting for the bottoms. Studies have shown that proper leg training naturally increases testosterone levels, which usually means a higher sex drive. The legs are also the largest group of muscles in the body and will give you much more strength and power for sexpert positions. He recommends resistance band glute kickbacks, single-leg glute bridges, and resistance band squats.

“Think of the bottom as a cowboy riding a horse,” Welden says, “If that cowboy has weak glutes and weak legs, he can’t plan to keep up with the horse. If that horse starts bucking, you’re going to get ripped off. Now for tops, hip thrust is one of the most important movements when your cowboy is riding. If your glutes and legs are not up to par, it’s hard to be that horse that your cowboy wants to ride . So strengthen your glutes and your legs and be that horse every cowboy wants.”

Chest and triceps

Welden says anyone who has been on all fours for an extended period understands how tired your arms can be. (Relatable!) This is because your triceps and chest are not willing to keep their push for a long time, especially if the top has been while leaning, bracing its weight on your back. Or as for the tops, Welden says this works the same if you’re missionary style with the bottom on his back, bracing above him while his legs are wrapped around your waist. As a result, your arms may loosen before your man below. “If you’ve had the opportunity to grab and suck a big, strong breast, you know that it only helps the arousal,” adds Welden.

Welden makes Incline Dumbbells, Narrow Incline Dumbbells, and Incline Resistance Band Flyes. He says not to focus on weight, but to combine movements to get the most out of your time in the gym while tiring your chest and triceps and working on endurance. A fast and heavy bench will strengthen, but you need resistance, too, if it lasts all night.

Shoulders and biceps

Although balancing the muscle groups trained is important for the tops and bottoms, Welden says that when it comes to sex, the tops should do the heavy lifting. “If you’ve ever had a top, put his hands between your legs, over your shoulders, lift yourself up in the air, then position yourself so that all the limbs line up and you can slide well, while you’re hitting against the wall. , and you drill like a construction worker who loves his job, you know that man trains his shoulders and biceps.

Are you now wondering how to become the aforementioned construction worker featured in too many Sean Cody videos? Welden says these exercises simulate the move while training the necessary muscles; Parallel grip dumbbell front raises, parallel shoulder press, and parallel grip dumbbell curls. Then repeat! (As your partner will be asked.) Please do the video justice and watch it with sound, and if you have a good imagination, close your eyes.

Core training

This may seem obvious, but no one wants a herniated disc when going to pound town. Welden says the best way to prevent this while throwing yourself like a Rottweiler with a new chew toy is to develop a strong heart. “One of the most effective ways I have found to strengthen my heart is the ab wheel. In this video, you will see four variations, varying in difficulty, to help you develop a heart like Thor. So you can be that God Greek in bed with the least fear of physical injury in the process.

The workout involves a standard ab rollout, a feet-up ab rollout, plank ab rollout, and a standing ab rollout. Abs might be the least fun muscle group to work, but arguably the most fun to have, and the ab wheel will help you get back onto kinkier pastures!

Weight training

According to Welden, strengthening certain muscle groups is the key to making your explosive evening more drenching. But weight training for the whole body is also essential for muscle balance, endurance, and to ensure that your whole body is prepared to help prevent injury when trying complex positions. Your form is also fundamental when performing any exercise, but it becomes even more critical when stacking weight. “So in this demonstration, I show you how to hit the back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and chest,” says Welden. “Pay special attention to how my back does not bow in the exercises. Yours should be the same. By having the general strength and flexibility to perform weight training correctly, you will have the strength and flexibility to enjoy on your knees or hanging from trees.”

He suggests a series of bent-over barbell rows, deadlifts and decline push-ups for weight training. And we don’t comment on how amazing his ass is because we respect Welden! But you can in the comments below – you already feel the summer.

(Author’s note: There was a lot of “top” and “bottom” verbiage mentioned in this piece regarding Welden’s advice, but I still advocate that versatile gays have the most fun — and reap all the fitness rewards .)

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