‘It’s hard to focus’: Schools say American kids are hungry

PHOENIX – American schools say children are going hungry – as pandemic-era benefit programs have collapsed. There is growing concern about the effects on children’s ability to learn. Congress temporarily made school meals free for all American schoolchildren, but since the end of last fall, the need only seemed to grow. The increase in food … Read more

Pain, rashes and fear: the trauma remains after the Ohio derailment

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Heather Bable speaks quickly, recalling the terror of the night a train loaded with dangerous chemicals derailed less than half a mile from her home in East Palestine, Ohio. She heard a shuddering boom and, from the bathroom window, “all you saw was flames.” Mind racing, he thought of the nearby … Read more

West Virginia GOP Legislature Passes Transgender Care Ban

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A bill that would ban evidence-based health care for transgender minors in West Virginia, the state estimated to have more transgender youth per capita than any other in the nation, is headed to the governor’s desk. Jim Justice. The Republican governor has not taken a public position on the measure and it … Read more

Hugh Jackman Probably doesn’t really eat 8,000 calories a day

Image: : The Wolverine/20th century Hugh Jackman recently posted a photo of more than 8,000 calories of canned meals with the caption “Bulking. A day in the life”. Gossip headlines ran with the number, report Jackman, He “eats a bonkers 8,300 calories” to prepare for his role as Wolverine. But he is really? Someone to … Read more

The dangers of body dysmorphic disorder

Eva Fisher, Colorado State University Global; Fugen Neziroglu, Hofstra University, and Jamie Feusner, University of Toronto While eating disorders have been widely published for decadesmuch less attention has been given to a related condition called body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD. Body dysmorphic disorder is often hidden from public view because of the shame people feel … Read more

A Simsbury mom has a gluten sensitivity. Here’s what he’s doing to help thousands learn to be gluten-free

Abby Helman Kelly has a master’s degree in counseling, but the Simsbury mother of four owns a business that helps people in another way — providing resources in the ever-growing world of gluten free life. Kelly, gluten-free since 2012 after blood tests showed she had a gluten sensitivity, sees many similarities in the professions. “I … Read more